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Harlow Vintage Accent Chair - Charcoal | Grey | Caramel | Copper | Coral | Pewter Grey | Steel Blue

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Brand: Annaghmore
The Harlow Vintage Caramel Armchair is a beautiful piece that will surely elevate the style of your living room by adding a gorgeous traditional touch. The chair is finished in a velvet vintage fabric, giving it an antique appearance that will blend beautifully into any décor choice, as well as making the chair incredibly soft and comfortable when paired with the padded seat. The winged arms have exquisite studded detailing along its edges, which enhances the vintage appearance and it sits on solid wood legs, which keeps the chair feeling stable and secure as well as comfortable. It also has a high back, to keep you feeling supported throughout use. The Harlow Vintage Armchair is available in six stunning finishes: Caramel, Charcoal Grey, Copper, Coral, Pewter Grey and Steel Blue - meaning there is a Harlow Vintage Armchair for every home!


Charcoal | Grey | Caramel | Copper | Coral | Pewter Grey | Steel Blue

W 67 x D 65 x H 77 cm
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