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Ashley Swivel Chair - Beige | Charcoal | Mink | Silver

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Product Details
Brand: Caffrey's Direct

The Ashley is a smart modern range featuring a gently curving teardrop arm, stylish accent cushions finished with a smart button detail in the back cushions. Simple wooden legs add a lovely contemporary touch. The Ashley is a modern and stylish addition to any living space. It’s buttoned detailing and wooden feet allow it to sit perfectly within a scandi setting. An added depth is featured within the Ashley using warm accents which add a subtle but punchy pop of colour. To create a clean, bright and modern living space the Ashley pairs perfectly with simplistic white furniture featuring wooden accents. Using depths of grey throughout creates a perfect base for pops of the accent colour to be pulled from the cushions of the Ashley and into accessories within the room, for example, similar mustard yellow tones within curtains lighting or vases. The cool tones within the body fabrics of this model allow light blue features to match alongside the greys also.

Colours Available:

Beige | Charcoal | Mink | Silver

W 95 x D 90 x H 105 cm


6 to 8 weeks

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