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The Cooler Mattress | 4ft 6'' Double | The Sustainable Collection

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Brand: Homelee

Bringing you the just released Cooler Mattress from Homelee's Sustainable Collection. The Cooler's innovative design was created to provide comfort during both the summer and winter months. Its brand new Cooler technology keeps you cool in those hot summer nights, ensuring you get a brilliant night's sleep. Sleep quality is maximized as this mattress gives a relaxing sleep environment. The Cooler has tech-advanced cooling pocket springs. Heat is dispersed away from your body by the Cooler cover, reducing heat build-up and enhancing air permeability. Thanks to its production technology, you will feel refreshed and fall asleep quicker with extra comfortable sleep provided by the Cooler mattress ticking. And to top it all off, these amazing features which lift the Cooler mattress to a superior level of comfort are permanent and don't disappear over time!

Expertly crafted in Ireland, this mattress is part of our Homelee Collection.

Dimensions: 4ft 6'' - Double

Mattress Rating: Firm

For a bulk order please contact our head office on +353 49 854 1568

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