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Bronx Reclaimed Oak Coffee Table

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Brand: Caffrey's Direct

Recycled and Reclaimed Timber

This furniture is made from recycled and reclaimed timbers, mostly from old worn pine shipping pallets, sourced from all over the world. Our environmentally conscious wood sourcing programme minimises the impact on our natural environment. This gives our furniture a genuine ‘old world’ feel and a tick for being environmentally sound. The natural beauty of recycled and reclaimed timber is in its characteristics which include nail marks, knots and colour variations.

The Manufacturing Process

Time-honoured construction techniques such as free floating panels and dovetail joints aloe for the furniture to adapt to ambient conditions. Consequently each piece of recycled timber furniture has its own characteristics and will behave differently. The free-floating panel design allows for the natural expansion and contraction that occurs in recycled timer products due to changes in temperature and humidity. As the timber expends and contracts, the gaps between the panels will open and close. The finishing process involves sanding, staining and sealing. This is followed by hand-rubbing with beeswax and natural oils to moisturise the timber and enhance the overall look and feel of each product. The finishing piece of furniture will still have the old world qualities of reclaimed timber: nail marks, rough-hewn plants, knots, colour variations and block patches. These natural characteristics are not considered a fault, they simply add to its charm.

Maintaining Recycled and Reclaimed Timbers

Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia, spirits or silicone. Test all cleaning products in an inconspicuous area first. Indoor furniture oil or any product containing beeswax can be used sparingly on recycled timber products.

Colours Available:

Reclaimed Oak


W 110 x D 55 x H 46 cm


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